04.07.2015 - 30.08.2015 | WATOU
02.07.2015 - 27.09.2015 | HARELBEKE
Markstraat 100, 8530 Harelbeke


 “With her characteristic and powerful brushstrokes, Mieke Teirlinck steadily creates a remarkable body of figurative work that increasingly leaves a lasting impression and that expresses fragility and defencelessness. She frequently chooses subjects that society would rather keep hidden and turn a blind eye to. Her subjects are depicted in complete isolation and without frills. No decorum. Very often, she deals with pain and loneliness. It is a bizarre kind of beauty, to which we have become blind.

But underneath the many strokes of oil paint, humour and self-mockery are also present. And more than ever before, she alternates between pain and the apparent playfulness of unexpected combinations and encounters. She creates a setting in which she combines elements, for the first time, unexpectedly. Anything can be used as an alibi to paint. She paints like she breathes. But always austere, never more than the essence, with a kind of threat, a subtle reference to life.”...

Johan Debruyne, art critic, 2011